Q: How much does it cost? A: Each transaction is different depending on the length of lease and the Domain Name's Brandability. Just send us an email with your desired Advertisement Domains and we will promptly return your message within 24 hours.
Q: Why lease Advertisement Domains? A: Utilizing the power of multiple Advertisement Domains' Brandable and Rememorable Domain Names expands your reach exponetially.
Q: How does it work? A: Upon completion of all contract agreements and your first payment, the domain(s) will be forwarded, with or without masking, to the web address of your choice. Upon completion of your arranged term the forwarding will cease. Easy and simple.
Q: Can I lease My Portfolio through Advertisement Domains? A: You may contact us to submit a request for a Advertisement Domains' review of your domains. We are very discriminating and a review does not guarantee our services.
Q: What if I want to buy an Advertisement Domains' domain? A: Anything is possible in this life... If the "Price is Right"! Make us an offer!
Q: What if I miss a lease payment to Advertisement Domains? A: Advertisement Domains offers a 3 (three) business day grace period for missed lease payments. Upon completion of the 4th (fourth) business day, if the payment is still delinquent the forwarding will cease. Advertisement Domains will hold the domain for 7 (seven) days in an "expiry period" before it will offer the domain(s) for lease once again.
Q: My lease was delinquent and the forwarding stopped. How do I get the lease back? A: If your lease has expired with Advertisement Domains and the domain is still within the expiry period, then FULL PAYMENT for the remainder of entire lease term is required. Once the Advertisement Domains' domain has been released under it's current valid contract you must wait until that lease expires.
Q : The domain I want is leased, how do I find out about availability. A: Send us an email here at Advertisement Domains with the domain you are interested in and we will let you know the availability.
Q : The domain I want is too much for our great idea. Do you offer Joint Ventures? A: Advertisement Domains wants you to succeed. Send us an email with the domain you are interested in and give us a brief compelling story and you never know.